Brothers Tretyakovs, Revisited

Museumification of the Tretyakovs' house in Golutvinsky lane

  1. Project Type: Development of new museum exposition
  2. Scale:

    400 sq.m.

  3. Clients: Tretyakow gallery
  4. Scope of works:
    • Interpretative planing

  5. Location: 1st Golutvinsky Lane, Moscow
  6. Programme: November 2016 -
  7. The project team:

    Julia Napolova

    Alevtina Butuzova

Sergei and Pavel Tretyakovs were all-Russia famous philanthropists and art collectors, the founders of the Tretyakov Gallery. Their family house restoration is one the most ambitious gallery projects till now. The Tretyakovs' house will turn into a memorial museum. This is where everything we know about domestic art collecting originates from.

The house's ground floor is the space of interactive multimedia. Here the visitors can learn the Tretyakovs' family history through their correspondence and first acquisitions. The Tretyakov Gallery in miniature is here as well, with signature artworks displayed on flat screens.

The first floor is, on the contrary, the space of the past. We reconstructed the brothers' offices and the music room, decorated them with the pieces of their priceless art collection. The revisited space comes alive and speaks in the language of art — the language Tretyakovs knew so well.

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