Infatuations. Vladimir Spivakov's Private Collection

World-famous conductor and his art collection at the Museum of Russian Impressionism

  1. Project Type: Exhibition
  2. Scale:

    600 sq. m.
    70 items

  3. Clients: Museum of Russian Impressionism
  4. Scope of works:
    • Interpretative planing
    • Masterplaning
    • Exhibition design and Creative direction
  5. Location: Museum of Russian Impressionism
  6. Programme: November 2016 – April 2017
  7. The project team:

    Julia Napolova

    Alena Kapchegasheva


The exhibition invites us somewhere only a handful were given access to — Vladimir Spivakov's private collection. Nearly a hundred of paintings, found and acquired, are now available to the public at large. The maestro himself took substantial part in exhibition development. Our starting point was the variety of Spivakov's collection: it combines nonconformity and the Moscow conceptualists, neoacademic art and kinetic movement. This is what we called «unity in artistic diversity».
Our principal goal was to harmonize the audio and the visual. Spivakov's music coexists with the paintings and the graphics he was inspired by. We divided the exposition in two. Benois, Korovin, Tchelitchew, Serebryakova and Gudiashvili took the ground floor, while contemporary art occupied the first one. What unites such diverse exposition is Spivakov's music. It gently guides the visitors through the most personal space a collector may have — through the space of his own artistic taste.

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