Summer. Moscow. Dinamo

Legendary stadium starts the life anew

  1. Project Type: Exhibition pavilion
  2. Scale:

    4000 м2 

  3. Clients: Sergey Merkurov Foundation
  4. Scope of works:
    • Conceptual design
  5. Location: Museum of Moscow
  6. Programme: 2016

We designed the concept of the exhibition pavilion «Dinamo». It was set in the heart of the VTB Arena— a multi-purpose stadium in Moscow. The space is divided in two: the exhibition hall and multifunctional pitch. Therefore we connect artistic expression with sportsmanship and team spirit.
The pitch can be used for soccer and basketball games, as well as for lectures, workshops, movie screenings and even family picnics. This is how the legendary stadium begins its new modern life —the one which responds so well to the trends of today's Moscow.

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