The Moscow Underground

Moscow metro through the years of the World War II

  1. Project Type: Exhibition
  2. Scale:

    more than 400 sq.m.
    100 items

  3. Clients: All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art
  4. Scope of works:
    • Interpretative planing
    • Masterplaning
    • Work with museum collections
    • Exhibition design and Creative direction
    • Tender documentation
    • Project management
    • Graphic design
  5. Location: All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art
  6. Programme: May 2015
  7. The project team:

    Julia Napolova 

    Alexey Deev 

    Ivan Vetrov

This is the first exhibition of «The Triumph of Metro» project, which dwell on the history of Moscow underground during the World War II. Moscow metro is not a mere transit system, but a unique art complex, created by the best architects, sculptors and artists of their time.

Moscow metro turned into a fully-fledged bomb-shelter in the summer of 1941. When German airstrikes were especially frequent, it as well served as a library, a hairdresser, a hospital and, of course, a maternity house. 217 wartime children could state they were born in the metro!

The exposition highlights the beginning of the war, the functional changes of Moscow metro, the restart of metro construction and the labour feats on its way. We introduces the multimedia dimension to the exposition. The visitors find themselves in a bomb-shelter, sneak into the General Staff headquarters and even attend the meeting of the Moscow Soviet at Mayakovskaya station.

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