Everything by hand

Ceramics by Vladimir Petrov and Natalia Poltoratskaya
Project Type:

600 sq. m

300 items

Tsaritsyno Museum
Scope of works:

Interpretative planning


Exhibition design and Creative direction

Tsaritsyno Museum
November 2021 — August 2022
The project team:

Julia Napolova

Alina Ovsyannikova

The project ‘Everything by hand’ in the Tsaritsyno Museum tells the story of two Soviet ceramic artists and spouses who have been working together for more than 50 years. Vladimir Petrov and Natalya Poltoratskaya work with various sculptural forms: from small plastics to large objects in architecture.

The exposition includes more than 200 ceramic objects of unusual forms. We created bright, neutral, pure space, where all the objects unites into one narrative.

Petrov and Poltoratskaya, a couple of artists, despite working together, have always remained individuals. Each of them works with themes rarely found in ceramics: abstract compositions, nudes, personal reflection and much more. Ceramic for Petrov and Poltoratskaya is a special instrument for their artistic expression.